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Updated: May 1, 2022

By Christine Peace, Behavior Coach

Happiness: a word with many definitions and of the utmost importance. One psychologist, attempting to measure happiness, conceptually defined it as “subjective well-being.” How do you perceive your level of happiness? For me, I assess my happiness through the 7 dimensions of wellness. This approach allows me to have a comprehensive and more honest approach.

One dimension of wellness is occupational. Do you receive satisfaction from your job? When one dimension is lacking, the others are impacted. Becoming a member of the team at Laurel Life allowed me to really see the impact occupational wellness has on my overall happiness. Prior to joining the team here, I was working somewhere with an environment that was quite the opposite. I struggled across all of my dimensions of wellness as a result. Spiritually, I was low and disconnected. Physically, I was worn out. Emotionally, I was drained. It even affected my intellectual performance in school. I did not connect these “symptoms” with unhappiness in my role until walking away and taking a step back.

Since joining the team at Laurel Life and discovering my purpose in a healthy environment, happiness has shifted (upwards). I have been placed on the Dean’s list. I have started my Wellness LLC. I provide virtual wellness coaching. I have brought my emotional wellness back from being ‘burnt.’ I find time for activities I love and maintain an organized home.

Sometimes we cannot clearly see what is holding us back from happiness unless we take a step back. I suggest taking the wellness assessment, to have a better picture of what might be negatively impacting your overall wellness. I truly discovered the impact of working with an appreciative and compassionate employer. Perhaps you can discover something just as impactful to your happiness.


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