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Help for Individuals + Families

How can Laurel Life help?

Laurel Life offers a number of mental and behavioral health services using our trauma-informed and evidence-based approaches to support individuals and families. These services are available in home, school, community, and office settings. Treatment is based upon the individual’s needs. You will work with our trained mental health professionals to develop a unique plan for you or your child/family.


Children and adults can be impacted by depression, anxiety, trauma, developmental delays, sensory processing difficulties, social skills deficits, parent-child problems, anger management difficulties, and impulse control and other challenges. Behavioral health services are designed as solution-focused treatments to address these and other mental health challenges and are tailored to meet each individual’s needs.  No matter the level of difficulty individuals are experiencing, the Laurel Life team is here to provide caring mental and behavioral health services.  

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Philosophical Approach

Our behavioral health services focus on family involvement, addressing individual characteristics, and improving one’s environment. We have learned through the years that trauma is the root of many of the unwanted behaviors exhibited by children. Laurel Life’s mental health professionals use an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to counseling that is based on brain science. Our proven methods have demonstrated positive results in addressing problems such as anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and aggression. Ultimately, our goal is to help your child recover and build resiliency so they are able to deal with challenges that come their way.

Distance Learning
Don't know where to start - We can help

Call our administrative office at (717) 375-4834 and we will help you explore solutions that are right for you and your child.

Learn more about Behavioral Health Services

Annual IBHS quality report available upon request.

Successful Teenagers
See services available in your area

Check out our locations page or the map below to see what services are available at each of our locations. 


Paying for Care

There are several options to pay for your child’s treatment:

  1. Insurance will often cover the cost of mental health treatment. In order to utilize third-party funding for counseling services, individuals must have a mental health disorder diagnosis verified by a psychiatrist and the provider must be a participating provider for the third-party payer. 

  2. Some employers offer counseling benefits through their Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Check with us to see if your EAP benefits are accepted.

  3. Clients may also pay directly using a check or credit card.

Please reach out with any questions. We are here to help.

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