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Educational Services for School Administrators

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Achieve cost savings and high rates of student success across K-12

Laurel Life offers a range of behavioral services within the school setting, including assessments, counseling, and behavioral interventions designed to promote a student's social, emotional, and academic success. These services are provided through a comprehensive network of Laurel Life staff with expertise in treating at-risk youth; they can easily be customized to address each child's unique needs.

Laurel Life’s emphasis on prevention and early intervention means districts can begin providing intensive behavioral support as soon as the first concern is identified. This prevents students from being unnecessarily labeled as having emotional issues. As a result, districts can minimize the need for special education identification and personal care assistants, leading to tangible, long-term savings that can exceed $250,000 in the first year.

Laurel Life’s innovative resiliency model includes daily routines to help reduce stress and foster predictability. Instruction is designed to address all learning styles and relax the brain through the presentation of core concepts, making it more receptive and allowing learning to occur.

In addition to the full classroom model, Laurel Life offers professional development seminars, coaching, workshops and consulting on topics related to behavioral interventions and resiliency-based environments.

A variety of factors can negatively impact student success. These include frequent absences, behavioral concerns, and problems at home. Students struggling with trauma or impacted by outside factors are not in a good space to learn. For school districts, issues like these not only lead to frustrated teachers and students and poor academic performance, they can also result in an increase in out-of-school placements and higher spending.

To request a free consultation or to schedule a tour at a Laurel Life partner district, contact us online or call (717) 375-4834.

Educational Services

Transition Classrooms, Early Intervention

Transition Classrooms

A model therapeutic classroom focused on prevention and early intervention to help children succeed in school and at home.

Transition Classroom Evidence-Based Model, Savings & Outcomes

School-based services lead to student success

School-Based Services

Laurel Life services include a range of treatment services available in a school setting. These services are provided through a network of Laurel Life school-based therapists and designed to address issues that have affected a student's social, emotional, and academic success in school. Services include assessment, development of a treatment plan, and counseling interventions designed to meet each child's needs.

School-Based Treatment Services​

BEST and Distance - Virtual Learning


The Blended Education Support Transition (B.E.S.T.) program is a distinctive model designed to meet a student’s needs in a small, calm, and quiet learning environment. This alternative form of education allows for a student-centered and independent virtual learning experience where students can be successful. 

Blended Education Support Transition (BEST) program

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