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School-Based Services

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A range of specialized mental health services delivered on district grounds by experts from Laurel Life
Program Description

School-Based Services are specialized counseling and behavioral interventions delivered by staff with expertise in trauma-informed care. Counseling services are provided in the school setting and designed to address unique needs of each child and school district.  



o Reduce the need for out-of-district placements

o Support students who have experienced traumatic events by using evidence-based clinical interventions

o Provide support to students returning from out-of-district placement

o Improved attendance and academic performance

o Improved communication between students, parents, teachers, and administrators

o Cost reduction to the school district



Specially trained therapists and behavior coaches provide therapeutic and behavioral interventions in emotional support classrooms, such as:

o Individual therapy

o Daily group therapy

o Treatment plan development 

o Implementation of the positive behavior support plans

o Classroom management 

o Evidence-based clinical interventions

o Specialized social skill groups

o Response to mental health crises

o Assessment and behavioral consultation

o Professional development

o Consistent communication with caregivers

o Collaboration with all outside agencies


School-Based Services interventions are rooted in principles of trauma-informed care and brain science. Program goals are to stop inappropriate behavior, assist students to learn different coping strategies, and improve students’ ability to self-regulate. 


Specialized interventions utilize an evidence-based treatment framework to help students overcome trauma and transition to the least restrictive educational setting possible. Each student receives individualized attention, with a unique roadmap defining paths to treatment and improvement. The close collaboration between Laurel Life and school professionals in coordinating service delivery helps to improve outcomes.


Parents play an important role in the assessment and intervention process, and success of school-based services depends upon parent input, involvement, and support. Laurel Life appreciates the opportunity to serve as a resource to help kids build resiliency, overcome trauma, and achieve academic success. We look forward to partnering with you in providing the necessary and most appropriate treatment interventions.

School-Based Services include:

  • Individual, family, and group therapy

  • Treatment plan development

  • Specialized social skill groups

  • Response to mental health crisis

  • Assessment and behavioral consultation

  • Professional development


What services work best for you?

Contact us online or call (717) 375-4834 to schedule an onsite visit or explore your options today! 

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"Laurel Life has been awesome to work with and absolutely flexible in meeting the needs of both the district and our students. The Laurel Life Transition program not only changes students' lives, it saves their lives.”

~ Dr. Paul Ruhlman Bedford Area School District Assistant Superintendent, Bedford, Pa.
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