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Senior Leader

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Wilson Santiago, LBS, Director of School Based Services

Wilson has worked in the counseling and behavioral health field for more than 25 years.

His work in criminology, behavioral and therapeutic work has paved the way for leading

the Family-Based Mental Health Services as their Director.


Wilson joined Laurel Life in 2015 as a Brief Treatment therapist and also was the JUMP therapist for the JUMP wellness Court which was designed to provide services to juveniles involved in the delinquency system with presenting behavioral health needs in a manner consistent with evidence-based practice. Wilson has worked in the field as a Therapeutic Staff Support, Case Manager, Mental Health Counselor, and has also worked within the forensic sector.  


Wilson graduated from Mansfield University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, then continued on to earn his Masters of Science in Human Behavior from Capella University. He has also started and hopes to complete his Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology with an emphasis on trauma. Wilson is also a Licensed Behavioral Specialist and a Certified Family Trauma Professional.


An avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, Wilson enjoys coaching sports and providing motivational speaking engagements. Through his extensive experience, Wilson has gained comprehensive knowledge working with children, adolescents, adults, and seniors with mental and behavioral health issues.  He specializes in working with children with Autism and moderate to severe behavioral issues while motivating individuals around him and others to be at their best at what they do.

Wilson Santiago, Director of School-Based Services
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