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Senior Leader

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Virginia Bauer, Director of Special Education

Ginny has been an educator for over 47 years. She graduated from West Chester University

in 1971 with a degree in Education and an area of concentration in Special Education.  

Ginny began her teaching career at York Suburban School District, where she was the first

Special Education teacher in the district.  She retired in 2003 after 32 years with the

York Suburban District to begin a new career with Folium, Inc.  


Ginny serves as Director of Special Education. She provides a crucial service for our school district customers through reviewing  Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY) referrals sent to our Affinity Educational Solutions for compliance with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards. Ginny also serves as the District Administrator for PSSA’s and Keystones. 

Ginny often says that her real passion was realized when she began working for Folium.  


One of the most enjoyable parts of her job is mentoring new staff.  She enjoys training the Special Education staff on the “ins and outs” of Special Education law and paperwork requirements.  Ginny also enjoys traveling to the Transition programs to be a resource for Special Education questions and be part of their support network.  

Virginia Bauer, Director of Special Education
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