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Outpatient Clinic Services

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We are here for you

At first, mental illness may only affect one’s life in subtle ways, but if left untreated, the quality of one’s personal and work life can be greatly impacted. Get help before it’s too late. Laurel Life’s wide range of Outpatient Counseling Services are personalized to reflect an individual’s unique needs and circumstances. Whether struggling to cope with life’s challenges or manage significant mental health issues, our  counselors, social workers, and doctoral-level psychologists are here to help you meet your goals. 


Personalized interventions in a safe & supportive atmosphere

Laurel Life provides counseling as well as psychiatric treatment to individuals facing any of the following personal or professional difficulties: 
•    Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed
•    Trauma
•    Anxiety and depression
•    Anger management problems
•    Excessive worrying
•    Eating disorders
•    Difficulties with making decisions
•    Grief and Loss
•    Significant life changes
•    Inattention and poor concentration
•    Parenting and behavioral issues
•    Interpersonal relationships

If you have experienced any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, it’s time to get help.

A collaborative approach

All of Laurel Life’s Outpatient Counseling Services are based on the principles of learning to deal with trauma and building resiliency. By emphasizing treatment partnerships and increasing one’s strengths and resources, our skilled and knowledgeable therapists empower individuals to meet their goals and maximize independence. 

 Laurel Life’s treatment options include:
•    Psychiatric and psychological evaluations for children and adolescents
•    Medication management for children and adolescents
•    Individual counseling and psychotherapy
•    Family, couples and marital counseling


Psychiatry Services at Laurel Life- What to Expect?

The Laurel Life Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic offers a variety of psychiatric services and appointments to aid individuals in their treatment path. Our team of psychiatry providers consists of a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and two Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners with specialties in lifespan psychiatry. Our team is here to guide you and answer questions you may have along the way.  Because your participation and understanding of the process is key in your treatment success, an overview of psychiatric services is provided below.

Diagnostic Assessment with therapist for New Patients- This is also known as an “intake” appointment and is a pre-requisite for any new individuals seeking psychiatry services or medication management. Individuals meet with a clinic Mental Health Professional for this appointment to gather history, patient background, and clinical concerns. This report is used by the Provider to develop a plan specific to your individual needs. Approximate appointment length: 60 minutes

Psychiatric Evaluation with Prescriber (Psychiatrist or CRNP): Appointment to discuss areas of concern, determine diagnosis, and potential need for medication.  Approximate appointment length: up to 90 minutes

Medication Management (med-checks) visits- Med-checks are brief appointments to address the concerns individuals have already discussed with the provider. Because of the time allotted, the provider may only be able to focus on a primary concern. If there are multiple new ongoing concerns that need to be discussed beyond the scheduled appointment time, individuals will be offered another appointment within one week to discuss the additional concerns. Approximate appointment length: 15 minutes

Treatment plans updated every 5-6 months with a therapist- These sessions are with a clinician and individual to create and revise treatment methods and goals. This document not only serves as the road map for an individual’s  treatment, but also is required by clinic regulations to remain an active patient.


*Tips to keep in mind

  • While all providers try to be on time, there may be times when they are running behind. Please plan accordingly and we appreciate your patience.

  • For telehealth med checks, individuals MUST electronically sign for the visit to remain a telehealth client.


Take the next step

For questions or more info contact

Convenient telehealth appointments available
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Telehealth appointments available

Call us for support with your emotional well-being. 

In-office and telehealth appointments available for individual therapy sessions and medication management at these locations (see below for addresses):

  • Mechanicsburg - Cumberland County - 717-243-1326

  • York County 717-845-7652

  • Gettysburg - Adams County - 717-398-2025

  • New Bloomfield - Perry County - 717-582-9922

  • Chambersburg - Franklin County - Brown's Mill - 717-375-1526

  • Chambersburg - Franklin County - Phoenix Dr - 717-261-9833

Our wide range of outpatient counseling services are personalized to reflect your unique needs and circumstances.

Learn what to expect with telehealth appointments


Outpatient Counseling Services are available at these locations

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Laurel Life's Adams County PA location
Adams County

235 Table Rock Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Phone: 717-398-2025
Fax: 717-398-2728

Laurel Life's Cumberland County PA offices
Cumberland County

5006 East Trindle Road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Fax: 1-800-521-8323

Franklin County

7564 Brown's Mill Road
Chambersburg, PA 17202
Phone: 717-375-1509
Fax: 717-375-6035

Laurel Life's Franklin County offices
Franklin County

426 Phoenix Drive
Chambersbug, PA 17202
Phone: 717-261-9833
Fax: 717-261-9832

Laurel Life's York County office
York County

2020 South Queen Street

York, PA 17403

Phone:  717-845-7652

Fax: 717-718-4229

Laurel Life's Perry County location
Perry County

550 Shermans Valley Road
New Bloomfield, PA 17068

Fax: 717-582-9924


Meet Our Outpatient Clinicians

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