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Executive Team

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Michelle Mong, Chief Financial Officer

Michelle has been working in the accounting field since graduating from FSU in 1993. 

She began working in Public Accounting for approximately 5 years and then worked

as a Business Manager at WHAG TV in Hagerstown, MD for 11 years.  She then worked

at a Hospital and at a Manufacturing facility for a few years before coming to Folium in 2013.


Michelle loves what she does here at Laurel Life. She feels very fortunate to be able to work with a wonderful group of people who are so knowledgeable and admires how much they are helping others improve the quality of their lives.  We have spent the last three years identifying where we can save on expenses and maximize revenue. 

Michelle's job is different every day and she thinks the company has so much potential.  Our opportunities are endless and Michelle is excited to see what the future holds for the Company!

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