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Laurel Life empowers individuals, families and organizations to strengthen relationships, encourage social responsibility and improve quality of life. We serve clients throughout Central Pennsylvania with proven, evidence-based services for overcoming a wide range of challenges in home, school and work settings. As one of the area's leading providers of trauma-informed care, our behavior coaches, educators, licensed counselors, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists take an innovative approach to treatment, classroom management and leadership. By acknowledging the significant role trauma plays in the lives of people we serve, we promote meaningful transformation that lasts.
We welcome Dr. Ajayi to Gettysburg and Chambersburg offices.
Behavioral Health Services are for adults, adolescents, and children who are experiencing any distress and need short-term support services.  Individuals, couples, and families can find relief for disruption in emotional well-being through community based services.  

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Our Educators have a unique understanding of how trauma impacts brain development and learning.   Through this understanding and with professional collaborative relationships, Laurel Life has been able to create innovative services for our students.

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