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Want this Program in your District?

As some students struggle in a typical brick and mortar classroom environment, alternative education programs are necessary to meet the needs of students.

Laurel Life Services created a virtual learning environment which assists students with much needed supports that a typical classroom setting provides.  This unique blend of services can support students who, for many reasons, have trouble in a standard classroom and school setting.

We have established the Blended Education Support Transition (BEST) program.  This distinctive model meets a school student’s needs in a small, calm, and quiet learning environment.  This alternative form of education allows for a student-centered and independent virtual learning experience where students can be successful. 

Laurel Life is here to help

We have found that some students have trouble understanding the model of a cyber setting.  It can be overwhelming for a child to independently navigate academics.  Our teachers and staff provide coaching for students to learn the ins and outs of a virtual learning environment.  Students are expected to physically attend school on a set schedule while they are navigating this cyber world of learning.  Our staff walk the students through their use of technology so they can fully understand what is expected of them with their courses and as a cyber student.  As students become comfortable with this learning process, they are encouraged and expected to work from home virtually while continuing at a reasonable pace with their academics. 

Students must regularly check-in to the physical school building with Laurel Life Services staff to ensure students are staying at an appropriate pace with their academics, passing their classes, and being an overall successful learner.  In this blended setting, students can make up incomplete courses through credit recovery, stay on track with their academics goals, and/or earn their high school diploma from their school district with Laurel Life Services’ support.   

Many students have emotional needs

One on one mentoring of students occurs as needed to address areas such as social anxiety, family concerns, self-esteem, and depression.  In the past, these issues may have inhibited a student’s learning.  With the support of Laurel Life, students are able to process their concerns in a therapeutic environment. These students are able to then focus on their academics and be a successful student. 

Laurel Life Services took note that in many instances, students prefer academic assistance in person.  Our staff provides one-on-one tutoring as needed for students by certified teachers.  Students are encouraged to advocate for themselves and ask for support as needed.  Laurel Life Services staff can also suggest tutoring as students are monitored for work completion, grades, and their pace with their courses.  This much needed academic support allows students to complete their courses at a reasonable pace and gives students the ability to earn credits for their academic work. 

We believe in supporting a student’s whole self

We work with both academic and emotional needs in a unique alternative to traditional or cyber schools.  This is accomplished in a small group supportive and caring setting which allows for student independence and self-advocacy.  Due to Laurel Life Services, students are able to obtain an education through their home school district in a supported virtual setting.  We encourage you to find out more by contacting Laurel Life Services to see how we can meet your students’ needs.


Blended Education Support and Transition (B.E.S.T.)