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Adventure Challenge Course Programs

“Challenge and Experience followed by Reflection leading to Learning and Growth”

Mill Road Adventures Programs offer organizations a unique way to promote personal growth and team cohesiveness.  With your team of 10 or more, we can personally customize our program to fit the needs of your group. 
We follow the principle of “Challenge by Choice.”  This means that participants are invited to participate voluntarily in each of the various activities and challenges.  A participant may choose to sit out an activity and this right is to be respected by others in the group and instructors.
How It Works
Participants are invited to be active in a sequence of challenges.  Teams are not given any explanation in how to achieve a successful outcome.  Success is dependent on interaction, healthy communication and positive group behavior.  If these traits don’t exist within the group then experiential learning activities can help to quickly and successfully develop them.
The sequence of activities start with getting acquainted with each other, then move into building cooperation, trust and problem solving.  After each challenge, participants are asked by the facilitator to reflect on their observations of themselves and the interactions of others.  Over time, these conversations help the group to have opportunities to build the necessary skills to become a high performing team. 

We have our Experiential Learning Programs that include some of the following challengers for participants.  Click on the pictures or the links for more information of each course we offer: