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Recognition for completion of Trauma Informed Care Implementation Collaborative 

Laurel Life began providing behavioral health services to Franklin County residents in 2002.  Since that time, we have expanded our influence to 9 counties in Central Pennsylvania, providing services in home, community, educational, and office settings.  Our team of skilled experts have established a set of best practices for dealing with a wide range of complex needs. 

We at Laurel Life recognize that most individuals in need of behavioral health services are trauma survivors. By addressing trauma and dealing with the root causes of problem behaviors, Laurel Life makes a positive, lasting impact. Nationally recognized as a proven approach to behavioral health treatment and classroom management, trauma-informed care (TIC) focuses on treatment partnerships and aims to increase an individual’s unique strengths and resources.  The goal of trauma–informed care is to create a safe and welcome environment that empowers individual self-directed healing through collaborations and trusting relationships.

Treatment through all of Laurel Life’s available programs will be strength based, recovery oriented, and promote resiliency with a focus on self-determination and on building protective factors (personal, familial, and community supports that buffer, moderate, and protect against vulnerabilities), identified through an assessment process.  Treatment  will focus on supporting long-term stabilization of symptoms and linkage with community resources. Services will foster independence, restoration of lost connections, and support participation in pro-social community activities.

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